Curriculum vitae Vic OTTART

Born 03/30/1948 in Watermael-Boitsfort (Brussels)

Married with Liliane GILIS on 04/28/73

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Two children :

            Evelyne (10/18/73)

            Benjamin (12/26/84)


Secondary school (“Athénée Fernand Blum”) in Schaerbeek (Brussels)

Secondary school at the Royal Cadet School in Laeken (Brussels)

            Same time, same location : Willy PLUMIER, Staf MEEZE, Raymond COLLARD

Royal Military Academy from 09/15/67 till end of 1973 : at first 122, then 123 Polytechnic Division to obtain the title of civil engineer specialized in telecommunications.

Weapon School at the Logistic School of Tournai (BE) and Heverlee (Leuven - BE) in 1974 and 1976.

Same time, same location : Raymond COLLARD, Roland GODENIR, Pierre GUILBAU

Trained as HAWK Maintenance Officer at the Logistic School HAWK Instruction Detachement of Nieuport (BE) (1974 – 75).

War College (1979) : 1st level

Courses at HP (Brussel – BE), LEXICO (Seattle – USA) and HP (Loveland – USA) in 1980 and 81.

War College in Brussel (1983 –84) : 2d level to obtain the rank of Maj

War College in Brussel (1989 – 90) : 3d level to obtain the High Level Staff Brevet


Military career

Dec 70 : SLt

Dec 74 : 1Lt

Dec 79 : Capt

Dec 84 : Cdt

Dec 86 : Maj

Aug 90 : Maj BEM

Dec 91 : LtCol BEM

Dec 95 : Col BEM

Apr 99 : e.r. (early retired )

Apr 04 : e.r. (en retraite)


Sep 74 - Nov 78 : 95 HAWK Maintenance Coy in DS (Direct Support) of 43 AD (Air Defense) Arty Bn in Brakel (West-Germany); at first deputy Comd, then Comd.

            Same time, same location : Raymond COLLARD, Chris MERLYN, Staf MEEZE

Nov 78 - Apr 80 : 95 HAWK and LANCE Maintenance Coy in Werl (West-Germany) as Chief of both Supply Platoon (National Mobile Depot) and General Support (GS) Maintenance Platoon.

Apr 80 - Sep 83 : Logistic School Signal Instruction Section at Peutie (BE); installation of Automatic Test Station for the repair of PCB’s in the Arsenal of Vilvoorde (BE); as instructor, training of repairmen in the IEEE ATLAS Language.

Same time, same location : Christian WAUTELET, Pierre GUILBAU, Chris MERLYN

Jun 84 - Apr 86 : 1(BE) Corps Staff Logistic Section in Ossendorf (West-Germany) as Staff Maintenance Officer (plans and organization)

Apr 86 – Aug 89 : Commander of the Logistic School HAWK Instruction Detachement of Nieuport (BE); training of HAWK and GEPARD electronic and weapon repairmen and Tech Log support of the Air Defense School

Jun 90 – Apr 93 : Commander 95 HAWK and LANCE Maintenance Coy in Werl (West-Germany)

Same time, same location : Jean-Marie LECLERCQ (Comd 3 LANCE Arty Bn), Bruce NAUDTS (Comd 17 Esc Lt Avn)

Apr 93 – Feb 96 : War College in Brussels; teacher in Operational Logistics

Feb 96 – Jun 98 : Commander of Southern Logistic Support Complex in Rocourt (Liege – BE) in the Log chain of command and Military Commander of Province of Liege in the territorial chain of command.

Same time, same location : Bruce NAUDTS (Comd Lt Avn Gp)

Jun 98 – Oct 98 : HQ ACE Rapid Reaction Corps (Monchengladbach – GE) as ACOS G4 Ops/Plans and BE Senior National Representative

Oct 98 – Mar 99 : BE Army Staff Tech Section

Same time, same location : Staf MEEZE

01 Apr 99 : early retired (Col BEM e.r.)

01 Apr 2004 : en retraite (Col BEM e.r.)